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Looking to make a change in your home, we can help. At GVDMC Inc. we strive to provide each customer with undivided attention and service they deserve. We understand that it is stressful when working on your home and you do not need the contractor adding to the burden.


Beginning with the initial meeting to the final product we listen to the wants and concerns of each client, guiding you through the process of the project. From a full home renovation to a custom millwork job, we can do it all. Whatever the size or situation we can tackle the job.   


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Commercial & Retail

GVDMC, Inc. understands that your customers and your business are important and any disruption could cause issues. Thats why when planning a facelift to your store or office we work around your schedule with minimal interuptions to your daily operations. 


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Installation & Project Management

At GVDMC Inc. we are known not only for our millwork projects but our install capabilities too. Whether it is a commercial or institutional project we can assist, making sure that your project is managed and installed in a timely fashion.


Our company is prided on the professional service it provides on every installation job Our service also extends past the job site, if a problem arises with a product our millwork team can step in to repair or manufacture a new part, keeping your job on track.  In additon to our manufacturing capabilities GVDMC Inc. has been SCA certified since 2006, just another asset to our installation team.

Design Services

A designers goal is to understand each clients needs, wants and asthetic likes and dislikes. At GVDMC, Inc. our designers are trained to do just this and are happy to help with your next project. With our help we can create a seamless transition from concept to build and install. 


For more information on our design services please contact us. 

ACM Panels


Aluminum composite panels, also known as ACM panels, are created with an internal layer of corrugated plastic and two exterior layers of aluminum. These light-weight panels add a fresh look to any building. 


At GVDMC Inc. we offer unparalleled manufacturing and flexibility with our installation service. In the end the ACM panels add a fresh touch at a fraction of the cost of a convention renovation.


For more information on our ACM panel services please contact us



At GVDMC Inc, when we get the opportunity to restore a historical piece we savor the moment. For us it is not about making the piece look clean and new but keep the architectural identity of that item.


We appreciate the original craftsmanship, as do our clients, so it is our responsibility to treat the piece with the respect it deserves. 


For more information on our restoration services please contact us. 

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