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Founded in 2000, George V. DeVito Master Carpenter is everything a large construction company is, in a smaller package. Meaning each customer receives better service, better quality and a better price. 

George DeVito


With family in the industry George learned from a young age about carpentry and construction. His father took him under his wing exposing him to different trades. In his teen years George joined a local union apprenticeship program where he gained more experience. Later he worked for Federated Department Stores, where he repaired and maintained several retail facilities.


After Federated closed, George worked with an installation company. His main jobs included installing new science lab and school casework. During this time George was working out of the basement of his home where he produced custom mantles, kitchen and furniture. 

What a master carpenter means to you:

A message from George DeVito

What a master carpenter means to you:

A message from George DeVito

Carpenters historically were highly skilled and "elite tradesman." In order to become a master of the craft you needed to join a guild, becoming an apprentice, learning from the masters. With thirty plus years of experience in the field, I can say I have learned from many masters and understand the diversity of the construction industry. 


I founded this company with one mission in mind to provide quality craftsmanship, something I would be proud to put my name on. I still believe in the old traditions that your name and reputation mean everything. So when you work with us I am not content till my customers are satisfied with their product. 

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